As a broker we get involved in a project at an early stage, when the risk profile means that the market would not typically respond. A typical project would be one in which investment in a public asset, for example, a school, is to be paid for through commercial development, often residential housing.

We work with the landowner and regulatory bodies (national and local) to structure the project and manage the risk profile, so that the market is able to respond favourably – this is usually once planning permission is in place. At this point, using the Social Infrastructure Development Framework, we manage the EU compliant commissioning of a developer or contractor to deliver the project, and typically act as the landowner’s agent or representative throughout the development process.

We are paid through the value created by the commercial development and are therefore incentivised to ensure that projects deliver at pace. Our blend of public and private expertise allows us to de-risk projects quickly, and enables us to provide additional capacity needed to public sector landowning bodies when their senior staff may not have the necessary time needed to drive forward projects of this kind.

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Bickleigh Eco-Village

Bickleigh exterior2

Plymouth Council had identified surplus council land which they wished to develop for housing to meet increasing demand. The council had strong sustainability ambitions and wanted to boost local employment so were looking for a particular response to deliver their requirements. The proposal was to develop an Eco-Village of up to 91 residential units including affordable housing … Read More

Cheshunt School Part Re-build and Housing Development

George Spicer

Cheshunt is a foundation trust school in Hertfordshire which is currently under roll and was in special measures. It continues to experience a falling role, and has particularly limited facilities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). The school failed to secure funding to replace the existing STEM facilities in a more prominent position which … Read More

Enfield Primary Expansion Programme and Housing Development


The London Borough of Enfield had a demand for new school places to be delivered in a constrained timescale as part of their Primary Capital expansion programme. The ambitious plan proposed to deliver 2100 new primary places in a 16 month programme. Following a feasibility study across 13 sites which identified site potential, the development … Read More

Broxbourne School Rebuild and Housing Development

Yorkon Riverside School-9780S

The Broxbourne School is a 7FE school with a 6th form in Hertfordshire. The school wanted to expand to 8FE through a complete rebuild but did not qualify for government funding. There is surplus land on the school site which has been viability tested for housing. A complete rebuild of the school has been proposed … Read More