As a broker we get involved in a project at an early stage, when the risk profile means that the market would not typically respond. A typical project would be one in which investment in a public asset, for example, a school, is to be paid for through commercial development, often residential housing.

We work with the landowner and regulatory bodies (national and local) to structure the project and manage the risk profile, so that the market is able to respond favourably – this is usually once planning permission is in place. At this point, using the Social Infrastructure Development Framework, we manage the EU compliant commissioning of a developer or contractor to deliver the project, and typically act as the landowner’s agent or representative throughout the development process.

We are paid through the value created by the commercial development and are therefore incentivised to ensure that projects deliver at pace. Our blend of public and private expertise allows us to de-risk projects quickly, and enables us to provide additional capacity needed to public sector landowning bodies when their senior staff may not have the necessary time needed to drive forward projects of this kind.

For further information please contact Harry Scarff