Broxbourne School Rebuild and Housing Development

Broxbourne School
Our Role

The Broxbourne School is a 7FE school with a 6th form in Hertfordshire. The school wanted to expand to 8FE through a complete rebuild but did not qualify for government funding. There is surplus land on the school site which has been viability tested for housing.

A complete rebuild of the school has been proposed using funds generated from the sale of surplus land for high quality housing. The site itself has some site specific challenges to overcome but through this project the school will be revitalised with a modern future-proof building and improved infrastructure. Further tangible social benefits will be delivered via the creation of a ‘Leisure Hub’ which is shared use of the land and buildings between the school, Broxbourne Borough Council and the local community. The project will also deliver high quality homes in a site where there are good connections to leisure, transport, retail and other infrastructure. There is a shortage and high demand for high quality housing in the area which this project will help deliver on.

The Cornerstone team has been working at risk with subcontractors on a proposal to deliver the new school from RIBA stage 1 to RIBA stage 3, and to procure a development partner through an OJEU compliant process. Once the preferred bidder has been selected, Cornerstone, as a broker, will negotiate the land sale on behalf of the school with the preferred bidder. Cornerstone also brokered the idea of a ‘Leisure Hub’ with the school and local authority which will provide enhanced sports facilities to both the school and the community. We have also developed a financial model of increasing detail as the RIBA stages progress to support the project.