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Our Role

Cornerstone were appointed by Suffolk County Council Children’s service to undertake a review of surplus education sites for development, following a change from 3 tier to 2 tier education.   The initial scope was to review 12 sites, all of which presented as complex and challenging.  A public consultation for housing and development on the sites was undertaken by Cornerstone and SCC, the key being that disposals/development would result in a return of investment to the education authority for re-investing in services.  Cornerstone also supported the Section 77 approvals on the sites, all of which were achieved.

Following the work done on the initial 12 sites, 3 sites were selected to be taken forward, and these were Monks Eleigh Primary School, Bacton Middle School and Howard’s Primary Schools.  Cornerstone were then appointed as Land Promoter for these 3 sites. The proposals for each site were different. The Howard’s primary school site was combined with an adjacent St Edmundsbury Borough Council owned site and One Public Estate funding was secured for housing and a new community centre.  A total of 79 units were proposed with 30% affordable housing.

On the Monks Eleigh Cornerstone secured planning permission and the site was sold for zero carbon housing.  At Bacton Middle School, Cornerstone is in the process of securing planning for 15 new homes and reserving half the site for a new primary school.