shutterstock_360538835There is a variety of delivery models and commercial and legal constructs available for the delivery of local authority services and there is no one size fits all approach. Different commercial models enable or restrict the ability to trade, how any surplus is distributed and shareholder management and control arrangements.

Key drivers for public service transformation including providing opportunities for income generation to reduce the overall service delivery cost to the Council; delivering efficiencies while maintaining the highest service standards, by introducing more commercial practices; providing access to a commercial partner bringing industry best practice, skills and services not currently provided; maintaining a high degree of control over service elivery, and the continued involvement of members; maintaining employment and investing in staff skills in order to be able to deliver a sustainable professional service; and giving management a much greater degree of autonomy to develop the service/product offer in order to respond to existing and new client requirement.

We work with the public sector to identify the right delivery and commercial model for your service, be it retaining in-house, part or full outsourcing or ‘spinning out’ to create an arm’s length entity.  We have recently worked with Ashfield and Eastbourne District Councils to develop options around setting up Local Housing Companies, an ALMO which will both create revenue for the local authority but will also help with addressing housing shortages by allowing the Councils to deliver housing through the LHC.

Case studies

Kent County Council Property Services Review

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