Dr Clive Grace, OBE

Associate, Cornerstone

clive grace

Clive Grace is a former local authority CEO and Deputy Auditor-General for Wales. He has held a range of senior Chair and NED roles in a variety of private, public and voluntary bodies. He is an expert in local public services and public policy, performance management and measurement, and in local and regional development. He also has extensive internet and digital experience and expertise, and he is an expert on Impact Assessment and Impact Evaluations.

He has worked internationally in the Balkans, North Africa, Nepal, and Southeast Asia, Australia, Canada, the U.S., and in western Europe on a wide range of central and local government policy and delivery issues.

An Associate of Cornerstone, Clive has been supporting Cornerstone’s work launching the Social Infrastructure Development Framework in Wales.

Clive is also Chair of BT Wales and a NED on Public Sector Audit Appointments Ltd, and he is a Founder and Principal of UK Research and Consultancy Services Ltd, as well as an Honorary Research Fellow at Cardiff University and a Senior associate of the Forum of Federations.