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Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) bid for Lewes and Eastbourne


Robertson Capital Projects


Funding Bids, Regeneration, Housing, Options Appraisal, Assets Review, Viability Assessment

Date of completion:

November 2017


Cornerstone Assets developed the bids for £11.5m of Homes England HIF Marginal Viability Funding (MVF) for Lewes North Quarter regeneration (https://northstreetqtr.co.uk) and new affordable homes in Eastbourne at Bedfordwell Road which were successful. Our client was Robertson Capital, in Joint Venture with Eastbourne Borough Council and Lewes District Council for the delivery of key projects to meet environmental ambitions whilst also ensuring resilience against future energy, sustainability and climate change challenges.

As part of this work we provided a high level site assessment and financial assessment, including an analysis of deliverability and to identify which options would release more value for re-investment in public sector assets but still deliver significant affordable housing.

Primary contact

Kirsten Flynn
Project Director
T: 0207 871 5312
E. kirsten.flynn@cornerstoneassets.co.uk

Kirsten Flynn

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