Rebuild of an 8 FE Secondary school

Brokering the rebuild of an 8 FE Secondary School with sixth form through enabling development.


The Broxbourne School


Advisory Services, Education

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The current school, with aged fabric and dispersed buildings, needed new buildings and infrastructure to maintain suitable conditions for teaching and learning whilst also enabling a move to a new IT platform.

What we did

We were approached by the school in 2016 to look at possible solutions. Having identified options we were then invited to help the school to take a scheme forward that would fully enable the provision of new facilities funded entirely though value derived through enabling development.

To enable the scheme agreement was required from the Secretary of State for Education. We helped the school and its governors to apply for this and to obtain the necessary consent to proceed with their plans.

Schemes were developed and considered both with the school governing body, headteachers and senior team, but also with pupils, local stakeholders and the local planning authority. The preferred scheme benefited from adjoining land that was owned by the local council. This was incorporated and in return the scheme now provides for a new leisure hub, with public access and helping with a key area of local policy delivery whilst making greater use of a public asset outside of school hours.

We further developed and gained hybrid consent for the preferred scheme allowing the school and the Secretary of State further comfort that the outcome could delivery to their desired standards.

The additional land enabled a defined area to be identified for residential enabling development and following soft market testing we lead on the competitive procurement exercise to identify a suitable delivery partner who could help the school to achieve their objectives, including finance, risk transfer, quality, programme and social impact.

The scheme reached contractual close in 2019 and is now on site. The new school is being delivered using a mix of conventional and innovate solutions. Working with the market we helped to bring forward a delivery solution for the new school that is based on the widespread use of off-site methodology enabling a more efficient and timely delivery. Notwithstanding the recent challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, the scheme is ahead of programme. The school is looking forward to a move into its new premises in Easter 2021.

The first phase of the housing development is also in hand and sales have already started.

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