Review of Council Priority Projects


Central Bedfordshire Council


Project Assurance, Project Management, Stakeholder Engagement

Date of completion:

April 2018


Cornerstone Assets carried out a ‘healthcheck’ review of c.60 of the Council’s priority projects in order to:

  • understand the overall delivery status and readiness of all priority areas of work
  • identify portfolios/programmes/projects which require immediate intervention
  • identify common themes, risks and issues
  • identify key questions and actions to be addressed

Projects were categorised according to their focus as either: development; capital; efficiency; policy/regulatory. Projects were assessed to identify whether they were experiencing one or more of the following issues: definition; resourcing; governance stakeholders; risk/complexity.

We prepared a report analysing our findings of the review and presented a set of recommendations to improve programme and project management.

Primary contact

Kirsten Flynn
Project Director
T: 0207 871 5312

Kirsten Flynn

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