school assets review and options appraisal

School Investment and Delivery Review


Monmouthshire County Council


Education, Assets Review, Options Appraisal, Development Appraisal, Cost Analysis

Date of completion:

December 2017


Cornerstone Assets led a review into the Council’s approach to school investment and delivery in support of their bid to secure funding for the next phase of the Welsh 21st Century Schools programme.

We reviewed several options for school place provision, conducted a site analysis for each option and prepared development appraisals and an initial analysis of costs.

Our work demonstrated that using the right procurement approach would increase value and reduce costs by up to 25% whilst maintaining quality, reducing construction waste, and creating options to build larger schools or fund other Council priorities for investment.

Primary contact

Tim Byles
Executive Chairman
T: 0207 871 5312

tim byles - Cornerstone

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