chatham project - Cornerstone

School Redevelopment


Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School


Education, Housing, Viability Assessment, Assets Review, Planning, Stakeholder Management

Date of completion

February 2016


Cornerstone Assets undertook a viability test of the redevelopment of the Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School examining the potential of enabling residential housing development to support project funding and tested the planning position with Thanet Council. We reviewed the sites owned by School to explore options to deliver an integrated school campus; community access to sports facilities; and operational efficiencies/reduced running costs. Our work included preparing 5 development scenarios; a financial model for the scheme; an education brief; a design team brief; and a stakeholder management plan. We also provided independent planning advice and discussed the project with the local planning authority. Solutions developed for school delivery included Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) DfMA options that could be placed on site with minimal loss of curriculum time.

Primary contact

Harry Scarff
T: 0207 871 5312

harry scarff

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